Team Coach

Team-COACH is a three-year project co-funded by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and led by a consortium of experienced partners in Spain, Italy, and Greece – countries currently experiencing among the highest AMR rates in Europe.

The aim of the project is to create an innovative training platform for capacity building and improving practices in IPC and AMS in the pediatric inpatient and outpatient settings including both secondary and primary healthcare services.

A network of healthcare centres receiving the training will be created across different South European countries – i.e. Spain, Italy and Greece targeting the different profiles of healthcare workers, both in hospitals and primary care structures. Capacity development in both IPC and AMS practices will be delivered, and specific training for preparing leaders will be included. The platform will provide electronic capture forms for assessing outcomes and monitoring the impact both during and beyond project lifecycle.

Team-COACH will also create clinical outcome assessment capture forms to accurately evaluate the longer-term impact the training is expected to have on healthcare workers performance over time in their actual day-to-day practice.